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Frequently asked questions

Nope – Our expertise is centered on performance marketing, and we try to focus in this area. While we don’t offer branding or offline media services ourselves, we can certainly recommend agencies whose work we personally admire and trust for those specific needs.

Yes we do. A large number of brands we work with are SMEs that have product market fit and are looking to scale. We can act as an extension of the team based on what roles you’re currently missing, but some use as as their sole marketing team!

We charge a monthly fee of approximately THB 50,000 for media buying services. This fee may vary based on your spending levels and whether you also require creative services. One key advantage we offer is transparency—there are no hidden fees, such as extra charges for additional platforms, which are commonly found in the market

Our contracts range from a flexible month-to-month basis to a full year. Opting for a longer term allows us to offer you additional benefits, as it helps in our resource planning. However, if you’re still evaluating our service, we recommend starting with a monthly plan and considering an extended contract once you see the results we deliver.

Most likely! If you want to explore, tell us about a role you’re interested in at If we think you’re a good fit, we will contact you.

Yes, we offer internships and are continually seeking promising talent early in their careers. Many of our interns have transitioned to full-time positions. If you’re interested, please email us at with details about the role and time period you are considering

We are based in Bangkok, Thailand, where most of our clients are located. However, we also collaborate with international brands in similar time zones!

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